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Posted: December 31, 2012 in Nikon D90, Ohio

CarnivorousWell, one nasty virus, and hours of scrubbing the hard drive plus reloading all my software, later I’m back. I have to admit, this one was pretty ingenious… When connected to the internet, a screen pops up that claims it is from the FBI, and says that the user has been found guilty of viewing illegal pornography, zoofilia, etc… and says that since it is the first time the user has been caught, a simple fine of $300 can be paid to make ammends. Oh, and until that happens, yeah, you can’t use the internet at all because it locks that down. It also manages to get in and disable your anti-virus software and a bunch of other nasty stuff. Sadly, a lot of people fall for this scam, and end up paying the fine, which just funds these sort of ploys and allows the circle to start a new.

Anyway, that’s my explanation for why I’ve been absent from posting for a while, but I am back now. Enjoy this pic of a T-Rex skull from the Cinncinnati Museum Center in Ohio.

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Technical Difficulties

Posted: December 26, 2012 in HDR

It’s been a few days since my last post. No, I haven’t stopped posting pics. Unfortunately, my home virus software failed to block a nasty bug that has essentially blocked my internet access altogether. I have a friend who works in IT who has volunteered (for a dinner and beer) to come out and fix me up. Until then, however, I’m not going to be able to post daily pics. I hope to be back by the end of the week, so check back.

John Hancock Center

Posted: December 22, 2012 in HDR, Illinois, Nikon D90

John Hancock CenterThe Hancock building has to have one of the coolest building exteriors in all of Chicago. The sleek matte black, cross-patterned, structure just has this bigger-than-life feel. The building itself is only 1,127 feet tall, which ranks it just fourth place in Chicago, and sixth in the United States. However, it is one of the most accessible buildings. Among residences, commercial entities, and retail locations, there is also an open-air observatory, and a restaurant on the 95th floor. In fact, the shots of the city from the air at night on this blog are taken from the lounge on the 96th floor of this building.

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Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

Posted: December 21, 2012 in HDR, Illinois, Nikon D90

Chicago Harbor LighthouseIf you ever walk to the end of Navy Pier and look out onto Lake Michigan, you’ll see Chicago Harbor Lighthouse; the one pictured here. This lighthouse was moved to its present location in 1919 and although it has been deemed excess by the coast guard, stands as a talisman of Chicago history.

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Motor City

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Michigan, Nikon D40

Motor City

As we walked from the parking garage to the Detroit Auto Show, we passed by the famous Joe Louis “fist” monument. I had to scamper across traffic to get a shot. The fist is only a couple blocks from the convention center. It doubles as a center divider for traffic and a monument of the famous American heavyweight boxer.

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The Bean Part Deux

Posted: December 18, 2012 in HDR, Illinois, Nikon D90

The Bean Part DeuxHere’s another take on chicago’s “bean” statue. I took this one from slightly further away and de-saturated the color a bit. I also used a few stacked neutral density filters to extend the shutter. That’s photo-nerd speak for trying to get the people milling around to magically disappear. And, for the most part, the scene is fairly clean. I took this shot rather late at night, but I don’t think there is ever any time you can get a shot without somebody being there; at least not at a reasonable time anyway.

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Chicago East

Posted: December 17, 2012 in HDR, Illinois, Nikon D90

Chicago EastHere’s another shot taken from The Signature Lounge on the 96th in the Hancock building. I believe this shot was taken looking due East from the building. It’s hard to remember exactly because I took a bunch of shots from different angles. Because these images are obviously taken through glass windows it was hard to get a really clean shot without some sort of reflection of the interior lights, or some bozo insisting to use flash even though it is completely useless in that situation. In any case, I think this one turned out pretty well, what do you think?

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