“What do you shoot with?” It’s a pretty common question, especially from fellow photographers. It’s also one I’m more than willing to answer. My equipment has only found its way into my bag through the common internet “mind-meld” anyway. So here goes… Oh, by the way, my “reviews” (if you even want to call them that) are solely based on my own subjectivity, preference, and budget. If you are seriously considering a purchase in the short term, I highly recommend visiting some reputable camera/lens review sites such as:,, or, among others.

Camera Body

                As I stated on my “About” page, I started with a Nikon D40, which was an excellent (and still highly recommended) camera for beginners and professionals alike. It was about the least expensive option I had for breaking into the DSLR ranks, and I bought the first D40 I owned new, when it was still back in production. I liked it so much that I bought another one used, not even a year later. I loved both copies and shot quite a few winning shots using them. As my skills developed, I started using more of the features on the camera, and started wanting some features my cameras simply did not have. Eventually I wound up purchasing a used Nikon D90, and was blown away by the difference. The D90 features a larger sensor with higher resolution, a top view LCD screen that shows me all my important technical settings, a 9 auto-focus point field, and (my personal favorite) the Auto Exposure Bracketing feature that allows me to rapidly fire off my 3 shot HDR sequence without having to manually change settings between frames. It was everything I never knew I always wanted in a camera body! I did wrestle with myself long and hard about purchasing the D7000 over the D90, but at 2 times the cost (D90 used vs. D7000 only available new at the time), I just couldn’t justify the additional cheddar.


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