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Misty Reflections

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Nikon D40, Ontario, Canada

Early mornings where we stay in Ontario, Canada, are quite tranquil. The morning is cool, the mist is still rising from the lake, and the wildlife is starting to stir. It’s the perfect time to go for a row and decompress.

Where we stay is typically referred to as “cottage country” due to the large amount of vacation cottages scattered among the hundreds of lakes in the area. And despite the amount of cottages, the area still maintains it’s peaceful & private feel. Most people are here to vacation, or to fish in the summer; we are there for both.

Most places have boats for rent. Our lodge provides these flat-bottomed, hand-made, wooden boats, which are built like a tank, but last for years. Growing up spending a week every summer here, I automatically get a nostalgic feel every time I see a picture like this; whether it’s from my collection or not. Maybe you might share that feeling…

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Fog and Fauna

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Nikon D40, Ontario, Canada

Surreal. That’s pretty much the only word to describe getting in position to take this picture. Sometimes, in the early morning, a fog will descend onto the surface of the lake where we stay in Ontario, Canada. When that happens, it’s really cool to fire up the outboard and take the wooden fishing boat directly into the thick of it. Once you’re in the middle and you look around, all you can see is the boat you’re in, water for about 10-20 feet around you, and then this sphere of mist that just surrounds and blocks out everything outside of that 10-20 foot circle. It’s about this time that I like to shut off the engine and glide or paddle myself around, just enjoying the solitude. As the boat glides through the water and approaches objects, they materialize in a very ghostly fashion (like something out of a Pirates of the Caribbean flick). And everything is just eerily silent… that is, until the prop of your Johnson outboard scrapes some boulder lying like 3 inches under the water, and that metal-on-rock grinding noise reverberates through the wooden boat like a bass drum (all in the course of like ½ a second) and you almost soil yourself from fright.

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Posted: May 27, 2012 in Nikon D40, Ontario, Canada

This shot comes from a little lake outside Plevna, Ontario, Canada. If you’ve never heard of Plevna, don’t worry, you’re probably not the only one. In fact, to get to this lake you’ll have to travel about 30-40 minutes away from Plevna on a half-paved, half-dirt road. This is not an HDR image, because I took this picture before I got into HDR photography. Nevertheless, it holds a close place in my heart because it reminds me of my childhood.

My family first started going to this particular spot in Canada when I was ten years old. Back then, the road coming in took more like an hour and was entirely dirt, and just about 1 ¼ lanes wide (for 2 way traffic) just about everywhere. I’ll never forget that first trip though. We stayed in a wooden cabin perched on a peninsula that might as well have been an island. You had to load all your luggage (and food for a week) into wooden flat-bottom boats and motor it across the lake from the parking area. Once there, you opened up all the windows and let the cross-breeze cut through the cabin. There was a hammock, swimming, woods to explore, and all the fishing you ever wanted. In the following years we encountered bats, mice, ferrets, turtles, frogs, snakes, moose, and eagles (half of which have been inside the actual cabin). In short, bliss for an adolescent boy.

This particular shot, though, is the view of the lake as you pull in from the main road. It’s the view I waited for while making the 13 hour trip that would tell me we finally arrived. It’s where we loaded up our boats with our stuff, where we frog hunted in the evening, where we stopped to get night crawlers for the next day’s expedition, where my old dog Petey loved to jump in the water, where we would unload our canoe, and just two years ago where I took my oldest daughter to swim for the first time. Yeah, it’s a little special to me.

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