Posted: December 31, 2012 in Nikon D90, Ohio

CarnivorousWell, one nasty virus, and hours of scrubbing the hard drive plus reloading all my software, later I’m back. I have to admit, this one was pretty ingenious… When connected to the internet, a screen pops up that claims it is from the FBI, and says that the user has been found guilty of viewing illegal pornography, zoofilia, etc… and says that since it is the first time the user has been caught, a simple fine of $300 can be paid to make ammends. Oh, and until that happens, yeah, you can’t use the internet at all because it locks that down. It also manages to get in and disable your anti-virus software and a bunch of other nasty stuff. Sadly, a lot of people fall for this scam, and end up paying the fine, which just funds these sort of ploys and allows the circle to start a new.

Anyway, that’s my explanation for why I’ve been absent from posting for a while, but I am back now. Enjoy this pic of a T-Rex skull from the Cinncinnati Museum Center in Ohio.

Click the picture for full size.


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