You’ve reached the home of charliesphotoblog! I live in Dayton, Ohio and I have always loved photography. Shortly after my wife and I learned we would be expecting our first child, she told me to “go buy a good camera,” so we could have “good pictures” of our baby. So, I went out and bought a Nikon D40 DSLR with the kit 18-55mm lens. I could have said the camera was a gift to my wife, but that wouldn’t be completely honest.  In fact, my zeal for photography just grew from there. And while I have many, many, pictures of both of my wonderful daughters now, I also have picked up quite the bug for landscape and travel photography as well.

                A lot of people will see this site and probably think, “wow, he must have an awesome camera!” But honestly, the camera doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with it (although I still happen to think it is awesome!) Photography is all about light, composition, and perspective. Any camera, from the one in your phone, to the “professional” varieties can take amazing pictures if the user hits on these three items accurately. It’s a good thing I learned to pick up on this, otherwise my wife would have had more reservations about spending all that money on that “good camera.”

“So,” you might say, “if that’s true, then why don’t you just use a camera phone?” Well, I would say, it all depends on what your artistic vision is. Many people do have photo blogs and impressive work done solely with a camera phone. However, the majority of my work is done using a technique referred to as High Dynamic Range or HDR. HDR pushes images to their full potential by breaking them apart and remixing them at a pixel-by-pixel level. It’s for this reason that I need to have a high resolution camera to begin with.

Without getting into all the techy mumbo-jumbo details, a HDR image is composed of multiple individual photos of the same scene taken at different lighting levels (or exposure values – EV). In most situations only 3 shots are required (1 underexposed shot at EV -2.0, 1 “correctly” exposed shot at EV 0.0, and 1 overexposed shot at EV +2.0). Once the shots are taken, the images are combined in post-processing software and the user alters the mix until the desired effect is reached. Of course, all of this is subject to the user preferences and with the user’s own artistic vision, so not everyone will appreciate these images; but pleasing everyone shouldn’t be ANY photographer’s goal anyway. I don’t happen to like Picasso’s work, but I don’t think he was a sham or detracted from the artistic community either. Everyone will have their own spin on things, so if you don’t like my work, I respect that. On the other hand, if you do, feel free to share links on Facebook, forward to your friends, or purchase prints on my www.charliesphotoblog.smugmug.com website.



  1. Hi Charlie. I had an awards ceremony at my blog today, and have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you choose to accept/pass it on, you generally tell seven things about yourself and nominate others for the award, too. I think your photos are beautiful and hope others will check out your work, too.

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