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Posted: March 8, 2013 in HDR, Indiana, Nikon D90


I’m not a political person. Left, Right, honestly I don’t think it really matters… They all work for whatever private industry pays for their office. So don’t think I’m Obama-hatin’ right now… But I couldn’t pass this one up… I saw this spray-paint stenciled on the outside of an abandoned factory in Union City, Indiana. I can’t really tell if the stencil was originally just his picture and then someone added what looks to be horns, or if those were there on the original stencil. In any case, the irony is just too much…

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Posted: August 23, 2012 in Indiana, Nikon D40

There are multiple covered bridge driving trails/tours in the surrounding areas of Rockville, Indiana. I found this little shanty on one of those trails. I actually took the picture hanging out of the window of the car. The trails and countryside in this area is quite beautiful. Most of the area has been logged and parceled out for farming, but as you get closer to Turkey Run State Park, there are some interesting wooded areas that have been preserved, and look very picturesque in the fall.

There Goes the Red

Posted: June 12, 2012 in HDR, Indiana, Nikon D40

I took this shot at the edge of the parking lot at Turkey Run Inn, in Rockville, Indiana. The light was just starting to wane, and there was a great deep blue in the sky which complimented the deep orange and red leaves being illuminated by the lamp.

I think I was going out to get something from the car, if I remember correctly, and just had to turn back around to get my camera when I saw this scene. It was after dinner, and I remember being uncomfortably full (due to the amazing buffet at the Inn). By the way, I don’t typically say “amazing buffet” very often, as most buffets seem probably unsanitary in one way or another; but the buffet at the Turkey Run Inn is both immense and clean. It’s also pretty cheap as well (and small kids eat free!) so that pretty much sealed the deal for me… If you visit, be sure to plan at least one meal at the Inn, it’s worth your while.

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Posted: May 21, 2012 in Indiana, Nikon D40

Sometimes you just get the lighting the way you want it the first time. Don’t get me wrong, HDR is awesome, but sometimes, you just get what you want in a single shot and no amount of fiddling with light levels is going to make it any better. That’s kind of where I was at with this shot.

The stable at Turkey Run Inn & State Park, in Indiana was the location for this shot. I was using a 200mm zoom lens, and trying to get in as close as I could through the fence. I ran around both sides of the fence taking pictures, but found the light to be the best from this angle. It was a little cloudy so it would alternate from shade to bursts of light rays that would pick up everything floating in the air. Then it was just a matter of getting the horse to pose (a little easier said than done). This shot turned out great though, as the horse was in the perfect location and decided to swish his tail all at the same time.

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Posted: May 5, 2012 in HDR, Indiana, Nikon D40

This image was taken of the Inn at Turkey Run State Park, outside Rockville, Indiana. We stayed here for a long weekend in the autumn and it was beautiful. I have many more pictures of the surrounding area, and I will add those in later posts.

The actual Inn dates to 1919, and remains pretty true to its roots (although it has gone through multiple renovations). They have cabins (which we stayed in due to our sporatically loud children), and a full service restaurant (with full buffet); in addition to the multiple guest rooms in the Inn.

The grounds feature multiple hiking trails, a suspension bridge, horseback riding, a huge outdoor swimming pool, and tons of other miscellaneous activities like riding bikes. The whole area has this antique feel, and pretty much everything around here takes on that personality. When I shot this picture, I was attracted to the angle of the light hitting the windows on the Inn with the old fashioned bikes in the foreground.  

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