Crimson Tide

Posted: November 27, 2012 in HDR, Illinois, Nikon D90

The hotel Sax in Chicago has this little bar on the ground level that appears as if it was decorated by one of Satan’s hunting buddies. Nevertheless, it is a pretty interesting place that distinguishes itself from others. If I were a member of the post-apocolyptic city of Zion, and I were jacking into the matrix, I would totally grab an appletini at this place.

Click the picture to see moreĀ images from Chicago.

  1. rontuaru says:

    You do really great work! I l enjoyed all the photos in this Chicago series. I think the Ferris wheel and the cityscape from the Observatory were my faves, though! Thanks for sharing your visit through your lens!

    • No problem, thanks for the positive comments. It was an awesome few days that went by quite quickly! There are a few more shots that I am still finishing up for this gallery so check back later and I may have the complete set up.

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