Posted: November 18, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D90, Washington

The first night we spent in Washington we tooled around this neighborhood near Dyes Inlet. The inlet is basically a huge bay fed by Puget Sound, which is, in turn, fed by the ocean. Obviously the ocean has high tide and low tide, and when you’re on the beach observing the difference between the two is quite natural. However, when you’re so far inland, on a body of water that more closely resembles a lake rather than the ocean, it’s a little weird to grasp the concept of vertical movement of the water.

So maybe I can blame it on the long flight, or my geographical home, or whatever, but when I was walking down this gangway to access the lower dock, I was really wondering why they didn’t build a normal staircase instead of a ramp. Then it finally struck me, and I felt like an idiot.

Click the picture to enlarge.


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