Property of Paranoia

Posted: November 17, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D90, Washington

Have you ever noticed that most all places that have those “No Trespassing” &/or “Private Property” signs are places that normal people would never really WANT to trespass on anyway? That’s been my experience anyway; at least up until I started looking at things from a more photographic-perspective anyway. And by that I mean, trying to find and capture beauty in everything, or tell a story, or evoke a certain emotion, etc… And once you start seeing things that way, all of a sudden those same places that normal people would just pass by, hold a special interest to photographers.

The place pictured above was no different. I knew immediately that I had to stop and get a picture of this barn. I mean just look at it… pretty epic, I know! But the problem was that there were signs everywhere annoucing just how private this land was. So, without breaking the property line, I set up my wide-angle lens composed the shot and then later edited out a sign and CCD video camera unceremoniously attached to the front of the barn.

Click the picture for larger image.


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