Empire Bluffs Trail

Posted: November 4, 2012 in HDR, Michigan, Nikon D90

There are a lot of pictures of beautiful Lake Michigan, near Empire, Michigan in travel brochures, billboards, and magazines. They make it look like visiting the area will result in a scenic lake view every time you turn around. However, the truth is, the area around Sleeping Bear Dunes along the M-109 & M-22 is actually quite wooded, and the lake is mostly obscured by either trees, or the Dunes themselves. This is so much the case, that if you want to see a picturesque view of Lake Michigan, you either need to own a lake front property, or you need to be willing to hike a bit to get to a scenic overlook.

The visitor center in Empire, told me the best hiking trail for best views of the dunes was the Empire Bluffs Trail. This relatively short hike was definitely worth it. The views from the boardwalk at the end of the trail were pretty much the best we had the entire trip.

Click on the picture for full size.


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