Old Mission Overlook

Posted: October 16, 2012 in HDR, Michigan, Nikon D90

There were so many awesome places to see on our trip to the greater Traverse City, Michigan area. We went everywhere along the M-22, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Leeland, Suttons Bay, Traverse City, and we made special effort to head up the Old Mission Penninsula, even on a day that was 80% rain. This penninsula is a mile wide and 22 miles long, and features like 16 vineyards or something. So literally everywhere you look is either grape vines, or apple orchards. Plus it helped that the fall color was in full effect.

Here’s a shot from the overlook at the Chateau Grand Traverse Vineyard. From this vantage, you can see the rolling fields of grape vines with beautiful turquoise Lake Michigan in the background. Like I said, it rained literally all day when we were here, but it was one of those, rain for 5 minutes, then dry and sunny for 15 minutes type rainy days, so I was able to grab this shot in one of the 15 minute zones. You can see next wave of 5 minutes of rain approaching in the image.

Click the picture for full resolution.


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