The Bean

Posted: September 15, 2012 in HDR, Illinois, Nikon D90

Officially, the name of this phenomenally popular feature of Millennium Park in Chicago, is Cloud Gate. However, most Chicagoans refer to Anish Kapoor’s $23 million dollar, highly-polished steel, artwork simply as “the bean.” It’s pretty amazing to me that such a piece of art (one that simply reflects its surroundings in a distorted fashion), can hold such a magnetic attraction for people. Although, even I have to admit it was one attraction I made definite plans to visit prior to my trip, and one piece that I spent more time than I care to admit attempting to photograph.

I say attempting, because at no time, of the multiple times I visited, was this attraction visitor-free. Therefore, I made the best of the situation, arrived late, used multiple neutral density filters to extend my shutter time as long as possible, and hoped to blur the majority of the people out of the frame. I’m pretty happy with the result.

Click the picture for full resolution and visit all my online galleries.


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