The Dark Night

Posted: September 12, 2012 in HDR, Illinois, Nikon D90

Chicago is a pretty cool place at night. The thousands and thousands of artificial lights twinkle here and there in this endless golden-amber stream of light. This shot is from Wabash and uh… some cross street. To be honest, I took pictures, and my friend Brooks googled us around on his smart phone. I told him what I wanted to see, and he got us there by the ‘L’, subway, bus, or by good old fashioned walking.

Anywhere along Wabash is pretty much gold for photography. You’re under the ‘L’ tracks, and everything is just so downtown-esqe. You can see the newly constructed Trump Tower standing proudly in the background, but it was the foreground that grabbed my attention. The pylon housed these halogen-style lights which gave more of a blue-glow contasting with the yellow-red street lights, and illuminating this colorful piece of street art. I’m not really sure what the art said or meant, but having just gotten back from Washington state I was getting used to the weird abstract / tree-hugger-type art, and it didn’t strike me as out of place, just pretty cool.

Click on the picture for full resolution, or to buy a print.


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