Posted: September 1, 2012 in Florida, HDR, Nikon D90

There is a turn off on Highway 1, just as you are leaving Spanish Harbor Key, Florida, for Old Highway 1. It’s more of a parking lot and footpath now that the Old bridge has been officially closed and disconnected from the mainland. However, it does offer some neat vantage points of the surrounding area. Included in this turn-off is an old stone house/structure. I’m not sure what its purpose was, but for now it is being used to house the homeless, and as a canvas for local graffiti artists.

I’m not sure what the draw is for these type of pictures. I mean, the place is crumbling apart, there’s litter on the floor, and graffiti on the wall. Fortunately for you, smell cannot be conveyed through a photograph… So with all these negatives, why are pictures like this still interesting to look at?

Click the picture to view at full resolution.


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