A and B Restaurant

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Florida, HDR, Nikon D90

This shot was taken on the outskirts of downtown Key West, Florida. Obviously from the angle of view here I was quite close to the ground when I took this shot. In fact, as I recall, I was sitting on the ground next to my tripod as the series of shots were taken for this picture. Anyway, since night-time shots require a much longer shutter speed, I had to wait a little while as each shot was recorded to the SD card in the camera. As this was all happening a man and his wife came around the corner, and she simply stared at me with this blank look on her face. It wasn’t really a glare, and it wasn’t a smile either. It was almost more like mild shock or surprise. I smiled and said hello, and continued about my business, but she never replied and at one point just stood still and continued to stare my way.

Even now, I’m not sure why that lady looked at me like that… I mean, I wasn’t offended or anything… by now I’m used to the strange stares from people, but hello, It’s Key West people, there’s all sorts of people who just sit on the ground in random places for no reason whatsoever… what made me special?

Click on the picture for full resolution


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