Color Bleed

Posted: August 25, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

Just outside of Portsmouth, Ohio, in the surrounding Shawnee State Park region, there are many places that look just like this; mainly small farms nestled in between the foothills. That’s because this whole area is actually part of the Appalachian Plateau. The hills here, although not high enough to be considered mountains by any interpretation, are a nice contrast to the surrounding relatively flat plains. And in the early morning, due to the amount of moisture in the forest, you get quite a picturesque fog that lies in the valleys.

I took this shot in the fall (the best time to visit) and I was very impressed by all the rich colors in the sky, grass, trees, and even the barn, which was starting to grey out from exposure to the elements. It was a pretty tough spot to get an adequate composition, as I was trying to take the shot from across the street, in between cars rumbling by, all while attempting to not “trespass,” which apparently is a big deal in this portion of the state.

Click to view at full resolution and visit my entire gallery.


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