Bahia Bend

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Florida, HDR, Nikon D90

The first year my in-laws went to the Florida Keys, they camped at Bahia Honda State Park. They were avid swimmers, snorklers, and even got certified to dive. However, they were a little ignorant of the laws… Even though it was perfectly legal to catch tropical fish in the waters surrounding the state park, if you were to simply touch state park land with such fish, you could be subject to fines, legal action, etc… My father-in-law had been catching fish around the point pictured above when he placed his hand on the concrete retainer to catch his breath. Immediately a marine patrol boat (who had been watching him with binoculars) zoomed over and arrested him. Since then, every time they go back to the Keys, they stay in an area that is not owned by the state. It is a little unfortunate, however, because the State Park is quite nice!


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