The Morris House

Posted: August 21, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D90, Ohio

Often times I will snap a picture of a building or structure of some sort just because it catches my eye purely from a photographic standpoint. But then later I get interested enough to Google it. That was the case with the Morris House, pictured here. My wife and I were out with some friends for dinner at The Caroline restaurant in Troy, Ohio. Afterwards, as we walked around the square, this building caught my eye.

Later on, I Googled “Morris House Troy,” and here’s what I learned… Apparently the house was purchased by a number of men in 1853, most prominent of which was Charles Morris, who later on became the mayor of Troy. The building originally was a hotel which eventually changed hands but became most famous in the 1920’s as a premier location for those fortunate enough to purchase a locally built WACO airplane; including Charles Lindbergh. The hotel was closed down in the 1970’s and sat vacant until 1981 when it was re-opened as a 32-room, subsidized housing option, for those 55 and older.

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  1. Great shot. nice tonemapping

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