Posted: August 6, 2012 in Nikon D40, Tennessee

Giraffe’s are pretty awesome animals. I think it’s because of their being so odd and different from many other animals. I mean, think about it… when you go to the zoo what animals do you want to see? Is it the sheep and chickens in the American Barnyard section? Or is it the exotic animals?

I love taking pictures at the zoo. It’s like a mini safari. If you have a nice zoo that isn’t all concrete and chain link, you can even get some interesting backgrounds too. Here’s a tip the next time you go to the zoo… If you have an awesome scene but it’s blocked by bars or a criss-cross mesh-style screen, try this: Get as close as you can to the screen or bars (but keep safety in mind, don’t get pulled into a cage by some willy-nilly monkey). Then take your longest lens and zoom as far in as you can, and adjust your aperture setting to as wide as it will go (Wide equals a small number). Take the picture and see what happens. If you did it right, those bars or screen magically disappear in the focus!

This shot was of a giraffe in mid-chew at the Memphis, Tennessee Zoo (which is wonderful and should be visited if you’re in this town). I love the expression. I could just see her saying “Heyyyyyy!”


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