The Bat Cave

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Nikon D90, Ohio

Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, is an amazing place. And every time I go, I find some new interesting thing about the place. Also, it’s huge! It houses an Omnimax theater, multiple museums, a couple gift shops, a food court, and even an Amtrak station and train observatory. This particular time, we went through the Museum of Natural History & Science. This museum has multiple exhibits from dinosaurs to mummies, and everything in between. I took this shot inside the huge “advanced” man made cave they have constructed on the 2nd level. It’s so realistic, it feels like you are in an actual cave… Plus they have bats that live in an enclosure down there as well.

Thankfully I had my Nikon 35mm f/1.8 lens on me, because I had no tripod. I opened it up to the full 1.8 aperture, and even had the ISO set to about 800 to get adequate shutter speed for this shot. But I think it turned out well. The shot above is not HDR, but I did actually combine 0 and +2 EV shots. The +2 EV was just a tad soft, so I only used that shot to lighten the surrounding walls and rope, whereas I used the 0 EV exposure to lock in the sharpness on the bright areas.

Click the picture for full resolution


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