Ford Tractor

Posted: July 17, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

Did they make things better in the old days? I’m inclined to think so. If they didn’t, then why don’t we see more like 1970’s tractors lying around in farmer’s fields, rather than these relics? And I think I would recognize a 1970’s tractor too, because literally everything in the 1970’s was either burnt-orange or pastel-green… I’ve seen the Olan Mills proof…

Seriously though, how cool are these old tractors? This one was at a riding stable in Portsmouth, Ohio. It looked like it was actually made of real steel with serious brawn. This is the type of tractor that pulls the horse out of the ditch when it gets stuck. (Note: I’m not condoning pulling a horse out of a ditch with a tractor, but if it was happening, I’d probably stop to watch… how many times are you going to see that after all?)

Click the picture for full resolution


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