El Bano

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Florida, HDR, Nikon D90

One afternoon in Key West, Florida, shortly after getting my rental car, we started our own self-guided tour of the city. Unlike a guided tour, that would most assuredly not have taken me past this bathroom at the edge of the city, we just chose to aimlessly walk around back alleys and side-streets, and pretty much just mill about without any goal (gotta love vacation). One things for sure, whoever painted this wall mural was quite talented.

On a non-related note, does anyone know where the ‘~’ key is for the ‘n’ in Bano? Or how you get it over the ‘n’? I literally just spent like 5 minutes trying to find this and gave up after failing miserably…

Click the picture for full resolution image

  1. leaveit2beav says:

    Ctrl + Shift + ~ + n

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