Balloon Glow

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Nikon D90, Ohio

I took this shot last night at the Middletown, Ohio, MidUSA Ohio Challenge. The event comprises hot air balloon displays, rides, and races, in addition to sky-divers, carny-rides, arts and crafts tents, laser light shows, and fireworks. I had never been to it before and was pretty excited to see it for the first time last night.

Around dusk, everyone lines up their balloons in the infield and holds them down while shooting the flames up through the balloon, resulting in all the balloons glowing at once. It’s a pretty neat sight to see. 

Click the picture for full resolution

  1. tater says:

    Tater didn’t even get a plug in the blog?

    • My bad, my bad… Of course this picture in all its glory was brought to you only because of the recommendation of Tater. (For additional information about Tater, please refer to the post entitled “Tater” in the Ramblings section of this blog.

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