Flagship Detroit DC-3

Posted: July 9, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D90, Ohio

I was at the Dayton Air Show this weekend, and I took quite a few pictures, but the one aircraft that really stood out to me (in fact my personal favorite of the entire show) was the one pictured here; the American Airlines Flagship Detroit DC-3. This aircraft was certified in January 1937, and is to this date the oldest flying DC-3 on the planet.

Quite a few people were touring the aircraft throught the day, so I decided to return towards the end of the Blue Angles routine, figuring that the crowd would have died down by that time. I found the booth that sold admission into the aircraft was already packed down, however, some of the volunteers told me that if I wanted to take a tour, they didn’t mind. I managed to get some shots of the restored interior and cockpit, as well as numerous shots of the exterior of the aircraft. Pretty awesome!

Click the picture for full resolution


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