Hard Life

Posted: June 30, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

Can you imagine having to do this? Seriously think about it… This guy has to feed, maintain, and train those horses and ensure they are healthy enough to plow when needed. Then he has to rig up the plow and harness, attach the horses to the rig, and then sweat it out in dress clothes all day, just to get his field ready to accept the seed. And that’s not to mention cultivating the crops later on. What hard work! I’m glad I can just go to the grocery when I need food.

                I took this shot around Millersburg, Ohio. We had stopped to check out a neat pottery place on the side of the road, and across the street this Amish man was hard at work getting his field ready for planting. I attached my zoom lens and tried to capture the scene without being obvious. I love all the lines in this shot, and especially the colors in the man’s clothing.

Click the picture for full resolution


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