Under Seven

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Florida, HDR, Nikon D90

This shot is taken from underneath the new 7-mile bridge looking from the perspective of Little Duck Key in Florida. I took another shot from the Marathon Key perspective as well, but honestly I like this one better. To get this shot I had to basically crawl on my belly over some rocks and wedge myself between the underside of the highway and the concrete girders. I used the telephoto lens to compress the view; and I think it turned out well.

There’s always a fair amount of uneasiness taking a shot under a bridge… especially in the Florida Keys. In most cases, you have to crawl under these bridges almost blindly, and once you’re under, they open up a bit between the supports. As a result, they are perfect places for the homeless to live. Although I have yet to meet somebody sleeping or living under one of these places; and yet to actually meet a violent homeless person, there’s always that uneasy feeling of being in a tight spot with someone who may or may not wish to rob you, do you bodily harm, and/or throw you into the ocean.

Additionally, the current running under the bridge doesn’t appear to be that bad, but it actually rips quite quickly through the pylons. I tried, at one point, to snorkel under one of these bridges, but not taking it that seriously, I quickly lost a fin and just barely made it back to my starting point because the water was, fortunately, shallow enough to walk back.

Click on the picture to see this in my main gallery at full resolution


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