Fog and Fauna

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Nikon D40, Ontario, Canada

Surreal. That’s pretty much the only word to describe getting in position to take this picture. Sometimes, in the early morning, a fog will descend onto the surface of the lake where we stay in Ontario, Canada. When that happens, it’s really cool to fire up the outboard and take the wooden fishing boat directly into the thick of it. Once you’re in the middle and you look around, all you can see is the boat you’re in, water for about 10-20 feet around you, and then this sphere of mist that just surrounds and blocks out everything outside of that 10-20 foot circle. It’s about this time that I like to shut off the engine and glide or paddle myself around, just enjoying the solitude. As the boat glides through the water and approaches objects, they materialize in a very ghostly fashion (like something out of a Pirates of the Caribbean flick). And everything is just eerily silent… that is, until the prop of your Johnson outboard scrapes some boulder lying like 3 inches under the water, and that metal-on-rock grinding noise reverberates through the wooden boat like a bass drum (all in the course of like ½ a second) and you almost soil yourself from fright.

Click on the picture for full resolution.


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