There Goes the Red

Posted: June 12, 2012 in HDR, Indiana, Nikon D40

I took this shot at the edge of the parking lot at Turkey Run Inn, in Rockville, Indiana. The light was just starting to wane, and there was a great deep blue in the sky which complimented the deep orange and red leaves being illuminated by the lamp.

I think I was going out to get something from the car, if I remember correctly, and just had to turn back around to get my camera when I saw this scene. It was after dinner, and I remember being uncomfortably full (due to the amazing buffet at the Inn). By the way, I don’t typically say “amazing buffet” very often, as most buffets seem probably unsanitary in one way or another; but the buffet at the Turkey Run Inn is both immense and clean. It’s also pretty cheap as well (and small kids eat free!) so that pretty much sealed the deal for me… If you visit, be sure to plan at least one meal at the Inn, it’s worth your while.

Click on the picture for full resolution


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