Fire Poi

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Light Painting, Nikon D40, Ohio

                Here’s another one for the light painting section. By the way, the home page only shows like the latest 6 or 8 pictures or something, but if you want, you can always click a link under the header for whatever you are interested in checking out, such as “Florida” or “HDR” or whatever… I’m just sayin’…

                In this picture my older brother-in-law (AKA my light painting partner…. Which by the way sounded much more hetro in my head when I thought it) is spinning around fire poi. If you don’t know what this is you could Wikipedia it, or just take it from me… Fire poi are essentially a fire-resistant wicking material, which is folded or wrapped to make a nice little dense ball or cathedral, which is then hooked onto a chain (or fire resistant wire or something) in order for it to be spun. The ball or cathedral is then saturated with a flammable liquid (we used kerosene), lit on fire, and then spun (preferably to some sort of pseudo-indian-chant music, or Rage Against the Machine).  As the poi are lit on fire, it is very important to observe the proper safety measures and precautions; so if you are interested in doing this, you should make sure to observe those. It’s also probably a good idea to have at least one person spinning and one person ready with a wet towel or blanket, just in case the spinner accidentally catches themselves on fire. You don’t want to return as some flame-broiled dark lord of the Sith (even if you do have a sweet voice box that sounds like James Earl Jones).

                Admittedly, watching a person spin on video or in person is probably cooler than just a still picture; however, there are many interesting challenges to getting the picture you want as well. Because the camera is capturing the light, you need to be aware of when to start and stop the capture, in order to get the resultant picture you want. All that aside, the shot above was not necessarily what I wanted (or what I was “going-for”) I just happened to like the final image. And that kinda goes for a lot of my light painting shots… sometimes random chaos is pretty sweet.

Click the picture for full resolution


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