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Posted: May 30, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

Someone once told me I should publish a photo book consisting entirely of old barns that I’ve found through my photo-trotting. Living in Ohio, I could certainly do that pretty easily, as there are no shortages of old barns to photograph. However, I’m not sure who all would really want to look through a book that only contained barns… Plus, I’m pretty sure my witty comments would run out after about 4 pages, and then it would just be like “On your left, another old barn.”

This particular barn I found one late afternoon in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, while on my way back to my campsite. It was perched on a dangerous curve, so I had to be pretty careful as I crossed the road to get the optimal shot. I also had to take the picture quickly as the day was drawing to an end, I was hungry, and hot dogs just don’t make themselves.

One item of interest in barn folklore; the barn pictured above is a tobacco barn, and it is painted black (as are most barns in tobacco-growing regions) in order to maintain heat needed to dry the tobacco leaves which are hung in the barn. Other barns are painted red, because the original finishing material, linseed oil (which has an orangish tint), was typically combined with rust to form a reddish color. When paint replaced the old finishing materials, many people stuck with a red color as a tribute to the old finish. Dairy barns were eventually painted white, as many people started to associate them with the color of milk. And you said you weren’t going to learn anything today…

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  1. tater says:

    There is one of these close to my house, fairfied Ohio. Actually the only piece of history still standing 1/4 mile away from bridgewater falls mall. (Where I get my awesome shirts) tj maxx. Hooty hoo…….

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