Angles Between

Posted: May 28, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

I”ve been away for the past week or so, down in the Florida Keys, so I apologise for missing a day and the sporadic posting of new pics. Hopefully, though, I’ll have some new images from that trip soon to post to the blog. I took over 2,000 pictures, probably about 1,000 in just timelapse frames (which I am hoping to get into in the future). The other 1,000 or so were taken with my new Nikon D90 which I had the pleasure of using for the first time on this trip! Out of these, the majority were 3 picture bracketed shots, so that knocks it down to about three hundred individual shots or so, and out of these maybe 30 percent are winners. I also have about 10 frames or so just of me waiting, paying, and fitting my new palm frond woven hat from a local vagrant vendor.

I have lots of good stories from that trip, and do want to share some with all of you, but for now, you’ll just have to be appeased with the lastest post. This one is another view of the same bridge I posted on April 28th, in Xenia, Ohio. There are so many different angles and opportunities with a bridge like this, and the light spilling in through the wooden beams adds it’s own little dimension of interest.

  1. Super Cool Unknown Guy says:

    I better be mentioned in said stories

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