Glostick Tunnel

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Light Painting, Nikon D40, Ohio

“What if we hook a bunch of these glow necklaces together and try that out?” It was a reasonable question, and who was I to interrupt the flow of creative juices? So when my brother-in-law posed the question, I readily welcomed the challenge.

I had previously purchased like 20 of those glow necklace tubes from Target’s dollar bin. Although originally purposed for the kids pleasure, I had no hesitation in raiding their toy chest (heck, I buy those toys anyway right?). Settle down, settle down, I think we gave them some popsicles to make up for it…

This shot was made by taking six different necklaces and stringing them together to make one big ring. Then we took the big ring into the dark garage, set up the tripod and took a shot by moving the ring towards the camera from like 15-20 feet away, until it went completely over the lens. Since the shutter is open the whole time and only records the light, you get this surreal color tube blur. Pretty neat stuff… and you can get this result for literally less than one dollar in materials (Notice how I conveniently left out the cost of the camera, tripod, remote, lens, etc…)

Click on the picture for full resolution

  1. Nice! Thanks for the description on your technique. I love the effect and the colors.

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