Charlotte’s Web

Posted: May 24, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

This shot was taken in Walnut Creek, Ohio. It was a pretty quiet early morning as the sun rose in Amish Country. Hardly anyone was out and about, except for one Amish boy on a bicycle who looked like an alien craft as he emerged from the fog. He was wearing a bright orange and neon green vest (like the prison workers wear when picking up trash on the side of the road) which was illuminated by some sort of battery-pack powered red-blinking LED lights. He may have even had some lights on his wide brimmed Amish hat as well, although I can’t remember it perfectly. Point is, dad and I gawked openly as we watched this kid bicycle past us at 6 in the morning looking like a billboard you might see in Gatlinburg…  

We drove around for a little while after that and eventually found the scene depicted above. I had set up to take some shots of the horses and the fog, but found these cool spider webs between the rails of the fence. There was a gentle fog that left a residual sheen of dew on everything, and it illuminated the web perfectly.

Click the picture for full resolution


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