Cool Sign

Posted: May 23, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

This was from one of my jaunts around the downtown Dayton, Ohio area. I try to make mental notes, when I see something interesting, to come back with my camera later on and get a pic. In this case, I came for an entirely different picture (one that didn’t even turn out at all how I wanted it to). But, as I finished with taking that picture, I looked a couple blocks down the street and saw this old Packard sign that I had never taken note of before. I walked down to the corner, and here is a really cool old car, boat, and engine museum I had never even known existed. It’s pretty funny how that works sometimes…

Here’s one area where I love Photoshop… I love the software’s capability to intelligently select only certain objects and then apply different treatments to just that area of the image versus all the others. In this case I selected the sign itself, then told the software to invert that selection (in order to have everything but the sign highlighted) and remove the color. Next I applied a ghostly treatment to the de-saturated selection. I feel like the result is pretty striking and does a great job of highlighting my main subject (what originally drew my attention to this area anyway).

Click the picture for full resolution


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