The Red Windows

Posted: May 22, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

Parking garages are some of the coolest areas to take pictures. Never underestimate the power of a different perspective (or the power of the dark side for that matter). Whenever I take pictures anywhere popular, I like to look through all the brochures, pamphlets, or articles online and tell myself not to take pictures that look like the ones in the published articles. (Wow, that was kind of weird how I knew you just said that wasn’t it? Mind = Blown). “That’s strange,” you might say; but, my opinion is that if people are already used to seeing a scene that way, then I’m not really adding any value by repeating the same picture; which is why I always kind of cock my eyebrow and give a quizzical look to the people who gather at the posted “look out points” or “photography markers.”

Where am I going with all this? Who knows… I feel like I just started rambling and have no idea how to tie it all back together again… So, let’s start over and pretend that you are Elizabeth Shue playing Jennifer from Back to the Future II and you’re just waking up from your “nap” on the porch swing. I’ll be Michael J. Fox playing Marty McFly, and I’ll try not to wreck this thread like a Toyota pickup truck racing against Flea playing the part of Marty’s future boss.

This shot is taken in Downtown Dayton from the 3rd floor of the neighboring parking garage. Coincidentally, I believe it’s the same area that the graffiti artists use to access the roof of this building, since the parking garage is only an impressive parkour move away.  The subject is an abandoned textile or possibly GI-Joe action figure, manufacturing plant (You should just read this sentence as “The subject here is a building,” as I probably have no idea what I am talking about) which is pretty cool because of it being in active decay. It was a cloudy morning just prior to sunrise, and there was this awesome sandstorm-esque color in the sky. And that’s pretty much all I got here…

Click the picture for full resolution


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