Posted: May 17, 2012 in Light Painting, Nikon D40, Ohio

It’s time for another light painting pic, if I do say so myself. This one comes from Englewood, Ohio, at a park next to Doctor Michael Bowers Lake. My brother-in-law (pictured) and I were scoping out places to shoot, and this place had pretty much all the things we wanted; ponds/lakes to catch reflections in, elevated areas to “rain the sparks down from” and bridges to throw some sparks under. Plus it was kind of off the beaten path, which is always nice because I’m not sure exactly what the rules are for showering around molten sparks, but I’m sure it’s probably close to the same rules for fireworks, and Ohio is one of those states that doesn’t quite take to having only one license plate, or fireworks… go figure…

It is of interest to note however, that whenever you do the steel wool light painting, there does exist the very small chance that you could catch something on fire. I like to call this the Murphy’s Law Fire Principal, because if you are trying to start a fire in a fire pit, while camping, with numerous matches, (that are designed to light easy) non-fire resistant materials, (like paper and perhaps balsa wood that should go up like the 4th of July) and arranging them in the proper “teepee” arrangement, it will still probably take you numerous frustrating attempts. However, if you are just trying to demonstrate to your friend how cool your new Zippo lighter is, (when you don’t even smoke) you may inadvertently almost burn down a Putt-Putt. Sorry, that was a little bit of an inside joke (and no, we did not actually burn down a Putt-Putt) but it was not from a lack of stupidity from two 15-year-old kids… Anyway, my point was, I suggest taking some fire safety equipment with you if you do this type of photography, and also stay in the area for a while after you do a spin just to make sure there isn’t anything smoldering that might catch on fire later on after you’ve left. Trust me, you don’t want Smoky the Bear pissed off at you…

This one I shot really low to the ground with my wide angled lens tilted up toward my brother-in-law who was up on top of the steps. He tried to keep the sparks just on the other side of the camera, but I think I still got nailed a few times, so it was a good thing I had my hoodie on. As before, the purple coloring comes from me messing with the temperature settings in post-processing. Enjoy!

Click the picture for full resolution

  1. tater says:

    Cool stuff homie.

    Thanks for the help today.

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