The Way is Under the Mountains

Posted: May 14, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

Literally every title I’m thinking of while looking at this picture deals with Lord of the Rings in some fashion. “House of Balin,” “They Delved too Deeply,” “Say Friend and Enter,” “Did you say Salted Pork?” These were all alternate titles. LOTR is truly a treasure trove of material…

And just like how LOTR can go a little creepy at times, this area at Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio, gave me an equally creepy experience while I was taking this picture. I was on the last over-exposed shot of this HDR series (which took about 30 seconds or so) and I decided to stretch my cramped legs (I was sitting on my haunches in this trench behind my tripod). Well, it was literally like 6:45am, I had not seen a single person yet, there was this mist that had settled into the gorge, and the atmosphere was feeling very Stephen King-ish. As I emerged at the top of the steps of this tunnel I catch a flash of something grey, brown, and furry with my peripheral vision. Turns out it was just a dog and it’s owners were like 20 feet behind him, but at the time I nearly jumped out of my shoes in fright. Lovely way to start the morning…

Click the picture for full resolution.

  1. Aaron says:

    Lol your such a nerd.

  2. Some Girl says:

    This shot is spectacular, so alive!

  3. leeann says:

    is the tunnel right before old man’s cave? (the 1st “man cave”, lol) …if so, i have a photo from the other side, looking in. love the point of view you found – half the time, i’m looking behind me for different views, found one that time.look forward to your next photo

    • Yes, you go through that tunnel and emerge by the little footbridge that takes you over to the actual cave. I also have a picture looking the other direction. I took about 500 pictures the 2 days I was there, so it’s very hard to pick and choose which to show first…

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