Love’s Ghetto

Posted: May 12, 2012 in St. John, USVI

So, yesterday’s picture was of this lovely little coconut sailing vessel on St. John. Today’s picture comes from the same island, actually only about fifteen minutes away from that beach. It’s technically called “Love City Mini Mart;” however, we called it “Love’s Ghetto” for the duration of our time on the island, due to it’s remarkable similarity to the Ghetto quicki-marts on the mainland.

There aren’t any large grocery stores on the island and even these little marketplaces are pretty few and far between. Essentially, that means that all the groceries are expensive. It’s pretty weird going into a place like this to pick up a 2-liter of stale-tasting Diet Pepsi for like $5.00, but when you’re 3/8th’s across the world and you need a Diet Pepsi… You NEED a Diet Pepsi!

This particular place was pretty amazing. It’s a hop skip and jump from some of the most beautiful beaches on earth, but it looks like a total hole in the wall. On one occasion we witnessed a group of about 3 or 4 local children run after the ever-present goats surrounding the store with sticks in hand, and chased them around the building. There was a lapse of about 20 seconds and then we saw those same boys running “tail tucked in between legs” away from the goats who had decided to revolt and turn on their would-be assailants.

Click on picture for full resolution


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