Posted: May 10, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Tennessee

Do you like Oysters? I’m generally a fan of seafood, but Oyster’s have never been my thing. Maybe they’re too slimy, or too “not-cooked” (in some cases), but there is definitely something about them that makes me think they are not trustworthy. On the other hand, Oyster bars always seem to be cool looking places. Maybe because they are the only places seafood-related that have their own dedicated bar. I don’t ever recall seeing an East coast clam bar, or a popcorn shrimp bar. Apparently there is a lot of discrimination in the seafood community; or maybe there just aren’t enough seafood-related liquor licenses to go around.

At this point I’m getting this mental picture of some stressed-out, down-on-his-luck, businessman hanging out at a bar that looks surprisingly like Cheers. He’ s been sitting there for hours; on his like 18th raw oyster, tie-loosened, eyes glazed, 5 o’clock shadow going on; and the bartender slowly pulls number 19 back away, and says something like, “Maybe you should go a little easier on those Mack.” And Mack (whose name is really like Michael Billingsly or something, yells back at the bartender in this slurred half-conscious stupor, “I’ll tell you for when I go easier!”

I had originally planned to take this picture from the left side, but as we walked down the street going towards the downtown Memphis, Tennessee area, there were some unsavory looking individuals hanging out on the corner, and I didn’t want to stop for pretty much any period of time. Looking back, they could have just been a little unsavory looking due to having just consumed raw oysters, but that thought had not occurred to me at the time. As we walked back, the block was empty, and I timed my exposures between passing cars, to get the shot above.

Click the picture for full resolution.


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