Devil’s Bathtub

Posted: May 8, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

Well, today’s post was supposed to be another light painting shot, but I had the opportunity to process some of my Hocking Hills shots and I just couldn’t help myself… So many good stories from the trip, so it’s hard to figure out exactly which ones I want to tell when… I guess that just means I’ll have stuff to talk about in future posts!

This shot is taken in the Old Man’s Cave section of Hocking Hills State Park in Hocking/Logan, Ohio. The main subject here is the swirling water (in the center there) that is nicknamed Devil’s Bathtub. This feature gets its name from the old legend that the water’s sharp downward path eventually cut the sandstone down to Hades itself. However, our ancestors must have not had long branches or measuring sticks, because in reality the pool is only a few feet deep. There are signs however, that warn if you fall in, it is almost impossible to crawl back out, which would explain the absence of any rails whatsoever… In fact, it is amazing to me just how little safety barriers there are pretty much ANYWHERE in this state park.

I noted how many people brought little kids who played around these precarious drop-off’s with reckless disregard. I just assumed most of these people were descendants of the Spartan’s who still believed in some sort of messed up natural selection process. Seriously though, I made a mental note that if I return with the family, it might be the only time I use those leash things on my kids…

Click the picture for full resolution.

  1. leeann says:

    What a great photo!! been to that spot, awesome leading lines everywhere – and you found a great one! you made the photo so true to how everything looks there. I want a Nikon D40 soooo bad now – wish list, lol

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