The Last Ride

Posted: May 7, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

This is a shot of the interior walk through from a B-29 bomber at the National Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. If you ever go to the museum I recommend a weekday afternoon instead of the weekend. On most weekdays the museum is pretty empty, and you can get shots without people in them rather easily. This shot was taken with a 10-20mm Sigma wide-angle lens (which I love and take about 80% of my HDR shots with). However, when you shoot with an extreme wide-angle, you also stand a higher chance of getting people in your shot. Most people will try to stay away from the subject you are shooting at; (which is usually directly in front of you) and for the most part with normal lenses this is fine. But with a wide-angle lens you still pick up people in the periphery due to the extreme angle of view of the lens.

The color really pops in this shot, and I love the lighting on the interior of the aircraft. Also since it’s cylindrical in shape, your eyes are drawn right through the picture as it compresses. Pretty cool stuff… This particular aircraft was known for shooting down 5 MiG’s in the Korean War. I don’t think I’d want to ride in one of these though…

Click the picture for full resolution.


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