Posted: May 5, 2012 in HDR, Indiana, Nikon D40

This image was taken of the Inn at Turkey Run State Park, outside Rockville, Indiana. We stayed here for a long weekend in the autumn and it was beautiful. I have many more pictures of the surrounding area, and I will add those in later posts.

The actual Inn dates to 1919, and remains pretty true to its roots (although it has gone through multiple renovations). They have cabins (which we stayed in due to our sporatically loud children), and a full service restaurant (with full buffet); in addition to the multiple guest rooms in the Inn.

The grounds feature multiple hiking trails, a suspension bridge, horseback riding, a huge outdoor swimming pool, and tons of other miscellaneous activities like riding bikes. The whole area has this antique feel, and pretty much everything around here takes on that personality. When I shot this picture, I was attracted to the angle of the light hitting the windows on the Inn with the old fashioned bikes in the foreground.  

Click picture for full resolution.


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