Dynamic Duo

Posted: May 3, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

This shot encompasses the Sugarcreek Metropark riding stable grounds in Sugarcreek, Ohio. If you look close you’ll see frost on the tips of the grass and brush (that’s the white stuff). I purposely got up early enough to make it to this general area by sunrise, and I was richly rewarded for my efforts. I actually had not planned to take the shot in this particular location, but as I was driving past the meadow with the emerging yellow & orange on the horizon, the view caught my attention and I stopped. This was my favorite of the set of pictures I took.

I sometimes wonder what people think when they see me this early (usually on a Saturday morning) dressed up in a coat, gloves, and hat, taking a picture of essentially an empty field. Before I got into photography I have to admit, I probably would have thought, “there ain’t no way I’d be up that early just to take pictures…” (I would like to think I wouldn’t use the double negative bastardization of the English language; but I admit I probably would have…) Then again, all those people have no idea what a beautiful image I captured either…

Click on the picture for full resolution


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