Posted: May 2, 2012 in Light Painting, Nikon D40, Ohio

Doctor Michael Bowers Lake in Englewood, Ohio provided the backdrop for this image. It was created by swinging about 20 super-bright green LED lights (all bundled together on the end of a 3ft length of speaker wire) in a circular fashion, while backing up, and making the circle smaller at the same time (by reducing the length of speaker wire swinging in the circle). That probably sounds harder than it really is, but honestly, it does take some coordination in order to walk straight and keep the lights spinning roughly around the same center point in the dark. Sometimes though, it all works out.

Light painting is such a cool type of photography and art all at the same time. Most of the time when you are taking a picture of something you are just trying to figure out how to frame, or highlight your subject in order to put your own spin on an existing view or tell a story. Light painting is different though; you are actually creating the view you want to capture. In some ways that is easier; (because you control the subject) but in other ways it is vastly harder (because your subject will change every time, no matter how much you try to repeat the same technique).

In the end, once you start it becomes an addiction. You put together light painting “tool kits,” and dump more money than you ever thought on LED’s and glow sticks just to get your next “fix.” You almost set yourself on fire, and risk blowing off some spare digits; (more on that later) at least that’s the way it was for me. Well, I suppose there could be worse things I could be addicted to…

Click on the picture for full resolution

  1. leeann says:

    Love this effect, soooo cool!! Look forward to more light painting -^

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