Kinda Cool, Kinda Creepy

Posted: May 1, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

This picture was taken in Coshocton, Ohio, on our way back from Amish Country. Roscoe Village is a neat little area that has some antique, boutique, and other miscellaneous shops that also end in –ique. Among the shops and restaurants, there is also this little house, which is part historical museum (upstairs) and part old toy museum (downstairs). The neat thing about the toy section is that the museum volunteer is really excited about the old toys and he will readily show you how they work. So instead of a normal stuffy, ‘Don’t-touch-anything’ type of museum, you are able to take things off the shelf, wind them up, and watch them zoom around your feet.   

Each toy lacked batteries, but had some sort of mechanical mechanism that drove them around or used gravity to make them do something cool. You could tell the toy designers back in the day were really imaginative and creative. I bet they probably wore suits with suspenders and bow-ties to work (at least that’s how I like to think about them). Also I bet they smoked cigars as they worked too because about 78% of the toys were holding some sort of tobacco product (one might have even had chewing tobacco). Additionally, just about everything was made of metal which had corroded a bit, so basically the whole place was one big tetanus shot waiting to happen.

I felt as if the whole place might possibly come alive at any moment (kind of like a Toy Story – The Early Years or something). And that sort of creeped me out, due to the fact that these seemed like the kind of toys that might be a little emotionally damaged. Would you really want to be in the middle of a basement when all the rusty pre-war toys take over? Not this cowboy…

Click on the picture for full resolution.


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