Posted: April 30, 2012 in HDR, Michigan, Nikon D40

Welcome to the motor city; Detroit, Michigan. This shot was taken at the North American International Auto Show. And yes, I realize it is not the traditional automobile (but I have lots of those to come so don’t worry). This is a 7-shot sequence HDR, and was taken by me literally lying on the ground, embarrassing myself in front of multiple people. This shot has had several “treatments” applied to it to get that sort of glossy-glowing look; but I think it pretty accurately reflects the atmosphere of the day.

This was my first trip to NAIAS, and I have to say it probably will not be my last. We spent about 4 hours looking around, and never once went back through an exhibit we had already seen. I really had no idea what to expect either. I brought a ton of photo equipment with me because I wasn’t sure what situation I would need to shoot in. Turns out you can go right up to, and even get in, about 85% of the cars that were on display. The other 15% were surrounded by low rails (usually on those giant motorized turntables), but you could actually get quite close. I chose to mount my 10-20mm wide angle lens and just have some fun with it.

Click the picture for full resolution.

  1. jenni green says:

    love it,is it a honda? or kawasaki. is see ones very similar at my work on wednesday quaker steak and lube. either way,its very cool.

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