The Old Covered Bridge

Posted: April 28, 2012 in HDR, Nikon D40, Ohio

This one is a view of the inside of the Charlton Mill Covered Bridge, that’s about halfway between Xenia and Cedarville, Ohio. I had never seen this bridge before as it is tucked away off the beaten path in the country. I approached the bridge in my truck but parked just short of the entrance because honestly, it didn’t look like what you would call “stable.” The whole thing, in fact, was sort of leaning to the side a little bit.

I started taking pictures and saw there was a guy just sitting next to the bridge eating his lunch and watching the water in the stream below. A nice peaceful retreat for the day, I thought to myself, as I took in the smells of the woods, the sunlight trickling in through the slats of the bridge, and the sounds of the stream running underneath the smooth wooden floor boards.

Then I heard this weird noise coming toward me (rather quickly). It sounded kind of like some awful hybrid combination of a weedwacker that is running without the oil part of the fuel+oil mixture, and a gasoline powered go-cart. Turns out it was a Toyota Celica, that apparently had some sort of frankensteinish-type aftermarket bastardization performed to the exhaust system, and apparently the shocks too, because it was riding about 6 inches off the ground.

Anyway, this fuel-powered nightmare was approaching me (standing in the middle of the bridge with my tripod, trying to get the last shot in this sequence) at about 40+ mph on this 25mph backroad (with reckless intent). As soon as the shutter closed on the last shot I swept the whole rig up just in time to scurry over to the side of the bridge and watch this moron launch his ride through the tunnel like he was Bo Duke making his daily moonshine run (and maybe he was… although I think most people in the area just drink Busch from those camo-printed cans). I felt certain the bridge would collapse, but nothing dramatic happened.

Looking back, it was probably a good thing that I witnessed this happen, because otherwise I might not have tried to cross that bridge in the truck and I would have missed other photo opportunities on the other side.

  1. jenni green says:

    are you sure they don’t drink shlitz?

  2. leeann says:

    what a neat find! all the different leading lines – a lot of interest in this photo

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